About Alexander Gruzdev

Alexander Gruzdev is an extraordinarily experienced consultant in business analytics.

Since he was 14, Mr. Gruzdev was working in the market research industry and started several businesses including gambling organizations, retail shops, and real estate.

Since his first entrepreneurial endeavors began, he never quit market research – in fact, during the last 15 years Mr. Gruzdev held the positions of general manager and shareholder in this segment.

His experience in global market intelligence spans over 20 countries including Europe, Russia, Asia, and the MENA region, for more than 100 different customers. 

Notable Achievements:

  • Over 1000 surveys done, 500 specifically in the automotive sector
  • Over 100 articles in professional and common magazines and newspapers
  • Over 100 times speaker at conferences and TV 
  • Create a new unique tool to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the car, based on big data 
  • Wrote the book about market research in the automotive sector “Intellectual Analyze” 
  • Earned his social psychologist degree 
  • Earned Ph.D. degree in economics 
  • Became a certified hypnosis specialist 
  • Became a certified psychosomatic specialist
  • Created his own education program about analysis of information, and integrated it in 2 major universities in Russia.

Mr. Gruzdev will be more than glad to serve you and your company, and provide you with the best service possible.