End of Formula 1

Autonomous driving is a new trend that has penetrated all areas related to cars. Isn’t even the holy of holies – motorsport – unable to escape the influence of autopilots?

The Renault RS 2027 Vision is a show car on display at the Renault showroom that I visited last week. The sign next to this car says that this is a vision of the future of Formula 1 competition from a company with 40 years of experience in racing.


And this is what Renault thinks the auto competition will be like in 2027. Races will become more humane: the focus is on the pilot, he will sit in a transparent cockpit, and his actions will be clearly visible and understandable. Competitions will become more spectacular: for this, LED lighting will be used in abundance on cars. Formula 1 race cars will become safer, in particular, they will be equipped with an autopilot, and in the event of a collision, the electronics will take over. Races will become “connected”: the race cars will use communication systems with other sports cars and infrastructure. And finally, the most progressive cars equipped not only with turbocharged engines, but also with electric motors will participate in the racing races.

After the phrase “in the event of a collision, the electronics will take control” I was a little taken aback. How is it that electronics will handle better than the very best pilots? After all, then the end of the “Royal Race” will come, if the organizers allow an unmanned vehicle, for example, from Google, to the competition, then such a car will set a track record and it will be possible to break it only if the technical characteristics are changed. It turns out that the competition of pilots, based on their skill of the riders, will come to an end. After all, electronics will always go along an ideal trajectory, release the gas at the right time, press on the brake with an accuracy of milliseconds, and a person with any skill can no longer win these technologies.

I sometimes watch the Formula 1 races, and therefore I sincerely hope that autonomous cars will never be allowed on the race track, and the competition will take place not only in garages, but also among the pilots, as is happening now.

About the Author

Alexander Gruzdev is an extraordinarily experienced consultant in business analytics. Since he was 14, Mr. Gruzdev was working in the market research industry and started several businesses including gambling organizations, retail shops, and real estate.

Since his first entrepreneurial endeavors began, he never quit market research – in fact, during the last 15 years Mr. Gruzdev held the positions of general manager and shareholder in this segment. His experience in global market intelligence spans over 20 countries including Europe, Russia, Asia, and the MENA region, for more than 100 different customers.