What methods do you use to measure customer satisfaction?

Are you using a growth phone survey that you outsource to a third-party call center? Yes, there is such a method. But in this case, you need to understand that for the call center, your appeal to him is just a work order for collecting data. And call center operators are not interested in understanding customer satisfaction as much as you want to know.

There is an alternative – to conduct research in the form of a focus group.

Focus group research is the most optimal format for obtaining objective results. It is implemented within the framework of face-to-face interaction between the researcher and the respondents.

After a quantitative telephone survey using the NPS method, you can select all unhappy customers and invite them to a focus group. In the group, they will be able to tell everything that caused them dissatisfaction. Yes, this method of work is an expensive undertaking, but its advantages cannot be overestimated. First, a dissatisfied customer, seeing such attention to his dissatisfaction, can eventually become loyal, if, of course, the reason for his dissatisfaction is eliminated. But in any case, discontent will be reduced, since the person will have the opportunity to speak out. Secondly, it is he who will give reliable information about what needs to be changed in order to improve the service and become more attractive to customers. Third, such groups will provide a clear understanding of customer expectations that must be met.

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