Where can I find a charger?


The topic of electric vehicles is a hype one, I can’t ignore it. I recently talked about electric cars with my neighbor from Los Angeles. Under the cut, his honest review without embellishment.

“I have been using an electric car for over a year now. Yes, this is not Tesla, another automaker. An ordinary electric car. I was curious to understand from my own experience what it means to own such a machine. And here are the conclusions I came to:

I would buy an electric car again if I lived in my own house, and I had a convenient driveway in my yard to the charging point. So far, the main charging point was our parking lot (“ours” is The Shores apartment complex ). Our charging cost is very high. There is one very catch: if you forget to turn off the charger, even when the battery reaches a full charge, charging will continue and the money will “flow away”. We have other “chargers” on the ground floor of the parking lot, they can be turned off via a mobile application, but there are almost never empty spaces there. Sometimes I put the car on charge and was very busy and didn’t turn it off and, of course, “got” on the money.

If you are charging your car at home, you can use the night tariff or use the automatic shutdown function to avoid overcharging. But these are additional costs, and such complexes are now very expensive. You can buy yourself an old car for the same money.


And of course, don’t expect to be able to charge your car quickly at public charging points. All chargers that are sponsored and have a discounted rate are ALWAYS busy. There are often huge long queues.

My electric car did not have such a large battery as, for example, the Tesla. And I had to charge the battery once a day, but Tesla also needs to be charged every 2-3 days, depending on how much you drive. Personally, I would prefer to stop by a gas station once a week and fill up a tank of gasoline.

Unexpectedly for me, and in spite of all possible advertising and propaganda, the cost of running my electric car turned out to be higher than the cost of running other cars with internal combustion engines. As a result, I decided that the next electric car, if I still decide on such a purchase, will be purchased exclusively as a second car. And in general, if we talk about the advantages of using an electric drive, I think that hybrid cars remain the best choice here. “

I will not make any special conclusions. And I will say separately: I am not against electric vehicles! And this, I repeat, is a real experience of operating an electric car from a person whom I know personally, and who used this car not as a hype gadget, but as a means for daily trips.

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