Meet Alexander.

Market. Social. Intelligence.


When you work with Gruzdev Analyze, you get the following benefits:

Experience Since 2006

Mr. Gruzdev has consulted in various industries since 2006, developed training, specialized in automotive markets, and has gained a vast knowledge of market intelligence in 20+ countries worldwide.

1000+ Industry Projects

The list of impressive clientele that Mr. Gruzdev has amassed includes powerful companies such as Ford, Chrysler, Audi, BMW, and dozens more.

Management & Content

A huge part of Mr. Gruzdev’s mission is to provide management and content creation services to his clients.

Full-Scale Analyzing

Gruzdev Analyze provides in-depth market research to optimize your marketing efforts. Mr. Gruzdev gets into the “nitty-gritty” of your campaigns both online and offline to craft a streamlined marketing machine.

Trainings & Education

As an added benefit of working with Gruzdev Analyze, your employees and staff will be educated on wholesaling & retailing parts, HR practices, employee loyalty, and proven selling techniques & strategies.

Alexander Gruzdev is a market intelligence consultant who has guided dozens of companies around the world to exponential growth in their industries.