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Automotive Strategic Consulting

Creating a company’s development strategy and/or entering a new market always requires an outside view. Still, the invited consultant should have the opportunity to look at the business and industry with a helicopter view and be a professional in this area.

Alexander has experience working in more than 20 countries worldwide in the automotive business, and has helped create several development and market-entry strategies, which more than ten companies successfully implement.


Startup Consulting

Do you have a brilliant idea of how to improve the automotive industry? Get your piece of the market? Make the life of automotive business professionals or drivers easier and better?

You can get a professional consultation about the applicability of your idea for the auto business, what pitfalls you overlooked, what additional ways you missed. This will allow you to save a huge amount of money.

Alexander and his team have already advised more than 30 startups throughout the world, which helped save more than $10 million of investments.

Startup Consulting

Information coming soon!

Social Media Consulting

Social networks are not just a point of contact with your potential customers, nor is the full-fledged world worse than a TV or your website.

So how do you get good coverage and be interesting to your subscribers? Which target audience should you choose? Should you use paid promotion? What content will your audience like and where will they get it?

Our company helps set up and craft integrated experiences on several social networks at the same time, as well as help you create content and maintain your customers’ interest.


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