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“Big little lies?”

Everyone knows that “there is a lie, a big lie, and there is statistics.” And how many times have I heard these words addressed to myself from those with whom I first spoke about statistical research and its importance. Let’s figure out where the lies and where the manipulation is.

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“Dead Souls” of Russian Statistics

Manipulate statistics to show progress in the fight for public health? Easily! Health officials know how to do things to achieve the planned and monitored goals of programs to improve the health of Russia’s residents.

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“If the stars are lit, does it mean someone needs it?”

Keeping incognito in the age of social media is not easy. But often we ourselves provide information about ourselves in the public space, guided by different considerations.

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Car Sharing: Fashionable? Need to? Profitable or not?

Interest in the topic of car sharing has not waned so far, either from users of this service, or from professionals. Some come up with special schemes for how to sell more cars in car-sharing, while others think how to service them.

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CSI Index: Like-Dislike

There are many myths about NPS that, as the reactions of my blog readers show, many take for truth. I will try to dispel some misconceptions.

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End of Formula 1

Autonomous driving is a new trend that has penetrated all areas related to cars. Isn’t even the holy of holies – motorsport – unable to escape the influence of autopilots?

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Explore this, analyze this

What do you know about your clients? Are you interested in them? And how often do you think about your products and your services from the point of view of buyers?

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Generation difference = Difference in approach

Each generation is inevitably different from the previous one, and this is not new. But marketers have learned to track and analyze these differences in order to understand the needs of customers of all ages.

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How prices have changed in Russia over 10 years

The flash mob # 10yearchallenge is a good opportunity to talk about what has changed and how in 10 years. Do you know, for example, how much iodine or a laptop has risen in price during this period?

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Life has become worse? Or is it better? But it is not exactly!

Do you have enough for food? And the car? Opinion researchers ask you? Not! Often, the conclusions in such studies are made without the participation of the public itself.

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NPS Index: There are only two important questions

The reaction of readers of my blog to the first post about NPS – a large number of views, live feedback, many private messages and phone calls from partners and colleagues – showed the importance of the topic under discussion. Everyone noted that the topic about NPS is interesting and relevant, many said that they were waiting for the continuation.

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NPS: How to work with answers to the second question

Twice we have already discussed how important it is to follow the methodology in order to correctly calculate the NPS. And as I explained in the previous post, in NPS, it is not so much the numeric index itself that is important as the two questions you need to ask in order to display the Net Promoter Score.

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On the verge of marketing 4.0

Now no one doubts the need to understand and study the behavioral characteristics of different age groups. For marketing activities, such work is extremely important. How do different generations differ, and how do these differences affect and shape marketing?

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Online data collection? Cheaper now!

Collecting data for research is a time consuming and costly process. It was like that before. But with the spread of the Internet, a lot began to change. How and in which direction?

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The guy from the next yard

Social networks have evolved so much that they required a separate direction in marketing and analysis. They have become a huge platform where you can study and observe all the changes taking place with users. Changes are taking place dynamically, and sometimes just swiftly.

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The NPS Consumer Loyalty Index – what is it?

NPS – what is it? This is a very trendy and popular topic now, and therefore I will pay close attention to it and talk about NPS in several posts.

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What methods do you use to measure customer satisfaction?

Are you using a growth phone survey that you outsource to a third-party call center? Yes, there is such a method. But in this case, you need to understand that for the call center, your appeal to him is just a work order for collecting data. And call center operators are not interested in understanding customer satisfaction as much as you want to know.

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Where can I find a charger?

The topic of electric vehicles is a hype one, I can’t ignore it. I recently talked about electric cars with my neighbor from Los Angeles. Under the cut, his honest review without embellishment.

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